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Set of dragon cards

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1Set of dragon cards Empty Set of dragon cards on Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:10 am


This is 5 card that I came up with. They are so far just basic idées and I'm hoping you guys can help me perfekt them.
Set of dragon cards 006223359.jpg&set1=&set2=&inset=false&type=Dragon&description=Zarchna%20the%20earth%20dragon,%20Ichari%20the%20wind%20dragon,%20Nazaru%20the%20water%20dragon,%20Tharxar%20the%20fire%20dragon.%0AThis%20card%20can%20gain%20the%20effect%20of%20one%20of%20the%20fusion%20material%20monsters%20by%20removeing%20that%20from%20play
Set of dragon cards 422634835
Set of dragon cards 338891921
Set of dragon cards 651667553.jpg&set1=&set2=&inset=false&type=Dragon&description=Once%20per%20turn,%20you%20can%20instead%20of%20attacking%20with%20this%20card%20destroy%20one%20monster%20on%20the%20field
Set of dragon cards 504169978

I know that the cards might by a bit overpowerd. But this is just a basic idé, so I'm hoping you can give me tips to balance the cards.

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