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Application Thread - Become Moderator, Newsposter or Member fo the TCG staff!

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After some of you may have joined the forum to help others, here is what you need to do to become a Newsposter, Member of the TCG Staff or a Moderator!

- Write a aqpplication PM to either me or Guthvin54 and tell us why you are appropriate for that job. Also write the additional Points, depending on the job:

Moderator: Which category or subforum do you want to moderate?
Newsposter: As above.
TCG Staff: Tell us something about you and the TCG, f.e. how long you play it and so on. We also will ask you some rules-questions.

The alreadiy given away categories are:
Moderators: None
Newsposters: None
TCG-Staff: None


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