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Yugioh 5D's 129 - Gjallarhorn! The Countdown to the End

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Since this week's episode I'll start to open up a thread every week where you can find the most important information about the episode, and also you can disguss the episode here!

Episode Title: Gjallarhorn! The Countdown to the End
Duel: Yusei VS Harald
Keycard: Yugioh 5D's 129 - Gjallarhorn! The Countdown to the End Watch?v=rWG4LRE3uQ4Polar Star Wicked Wolf Fenrir

Preview Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWG4LRE3uQ4
RAW Part 1: /
RAW Part 2: /
RAW Part 3: /

Subbed Part 1:
Subbed Part 2:
Subbed Part 3:


- Last Part of the Duel: Team 5D's VS Team Ragnarök
- Another Shooting Star Dragon Appearance
- Team 5D's Wins
- Final: Team 5D's VS Team New World (Yliaster Trio)


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