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i had another few ideas

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1i had another few ideas Empty i had another few ideas on Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:29 pm


Number 1

type: trap card (normal)

only activates when a dragon-type monster is destroyed by battle, destroy all non-dragon type monsters on the field.

Number 2

Name: Dragon Guardian
Attribute: Dark
type: dragon
Requirements: none
lvl: 4
atk: 1700
def: 1500
effect: If a dragon-type monster youy control would be destroyed(not by battle), send this card from the field or hand to the gravecard to negate it. If this card is in the gravecard, you can pay 500 life points to prevent 1 monster from being destroyed.(Damage Calculation still applies)

Name: Dragon Support
Attribute: Fire
type: dragon
Requirements: none
lvl: 5
atk: 0
def: 2400
effect: when this card is summoned, you can equip it to a level 6 or higher dragon on your side of the field. that monster gains 500 atk and the following effect:

•Once per turn, you can destroy 1 card in the opponents spell/trap card zone and inflict 300 damage. when this card destroys a monster, inflict damge equal to the lvl of the destroyed monster *100

During the end phase, if the monster is not equipped to a monster, recieve 500 damage and this card is removed from play.

is this enough to be a card creator?

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