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Duel Academy - Reloaded - Rules

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1Question answered Duel Academy - Reloaded - Rules on Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:09 pm


As the forum reached the number of 200 Members, the official Forum RPG will start!

Here the special rules that are working in this RPG:

1.) The general Forum rules are working.

2.) Double posts are allowed, but not more than 3 in a row!

3.) Try to integrate into the story!

4.) No one is invinicble. Try to act relistic - also in the Duels (you may draw your cards in real or over YVD)

5.) Before you duel (since all the steps are written in the forum) you should talk a bit to disguss the end of the duel.

6.) You are not allowed to take the Name of any existing Yugioh character!

7.) Your deck is allowed to have up to 1 self-created card.

8.) Please edit your Signature and add the Name of your Character, his deck and the self-made card.

9.) Before you change the thread, make a cutting line and post "Thread change to xxx" or "TC xxx" since others may want to know where you go and where they can find you.

10.) The only roles you can start with is either A) Duel Academy Student and B) citizen
You will get chances to improve your ranks, but that will come with time.

11.) If you decide to start as a Student, it may occur that a teacher can challenge you to an exmaniation duel to sorten you into a dorm. Please note that!

12.) All duels are fought in the forum threads, thereby everyone can follow the story!


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