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DxKain Thread

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1DxKain Thread Empty DxKain Thread on Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:50 am


Card Creator
Card Creator
hello, here i will posting the Earthbound deck, powerfull, but bad opposite to some cards............

Monsters: 10

2x Earthbound Inmortal Aslla Piscu
2x Earthbound Inmortal Capac Apu
2x Earthbound Inmortal Uru
2x Earthbound Inmortal Chacu Challhua
1x Earthbound Inmortal Cusillu
1x Earthbound Inmortal Carayhua

Spells: 20

3x Mausoleum of the Emperor
3x Field Barrier
3x Magical Mallet
3x Terraforming
3x Mage Power
2x Mystical Space Thypoon
1x Lightinig Vortex
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn

Traps: 10

3x Dark Bribe
3x Earthbound Wave
2x Bottomles Trap Hole
2x Draining Shield

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