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Introduction into Yugioh 5D's Revolution - History

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Yugioh 5D's Revolution is a project by Guthvin 54 and me, FeatherCrow33.
We decided to create our own Yugioh series since we both are great fans of the anime and the TCG, and we also like making our own cards.

That was the beginning of Yugioh 5D's Revolution.

We first called it "Yugioh 5D's Next Gen(-eration)" and started making our own cards and own Editions with the Yugioh-card-maker.
Some of the cards went pretty cool, but others were not so good. Finally, two Archetypes caught our eyes.
The "Infinity" and the "Ailantery" cards were born!
(The Infinity Archetype has nothing to do with the Machine Emperor Wisel/Skiel/Grannel from the Anime Series Wink)
We created the first few cards and decided that the Main hero and the seond main hero should use that cards in the show.
The only question was - who were they?
Neither me nor Guthvin is that good at drawing - so we searched in the internet and finally found our characters.
Then we started to imagine side-characters, an opponent and teachers - because we had chosen the Duel Academy as main place for the action.

After the character-finding, we started to imagine a story - which has some consonances with the 5D's series, too. That´s why we changed the Name into "Yugioh 5D's Revolution"!

Meanwhile, the storyplot itself is done in theorecy - but we need to get it that it looks better than just some figures. We knew that it should look like "Yugioh World Championchip 2010/2009", and tried out how it went once. It finally worked and also looked good - and we chose that way.

The first episodes' script is completely finished now, and we also know how to realize it. But that´s only the first few episodes.

That is why we need you. We want you guys to send us your self-made (realistic!) Yugioh cards. Just post them in the "Custom Cards" Section, and if we like them or they fit into a duel, we'll use them in the show!
Of course we will give user credit if we do, but as we said - having a lot of creative people who can create good yugioh cards is better than only having 2.

Just leave a comment below what you think about our idea of making our own Yugioh series!


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awesome idea! I also have ever dreamt of making my own series, but i knew it never would be good at all. But now, maybe i can send you one of my own cards and they may be used in the show ~ awesome!

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